Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Phoenix Tow Trucks

So, what is it about Phoenix, AZ and tow trucks. A couple of weeks ago there was this posting about a tow truck driver who seemingly damages a vehicle, and then gets very upset when he sees someone taking photos. But then today we hear of tow truck drivers pushing legally parked vehicles into tow-away zones. But that's not all! Today's Arizona Republic has a story about how the Phoenix City Council is considering raising the fees these companies can charge by over 16 percent. The kicker though is this paragraph:

Subcommittee members said they also wanted to look at possibly crafting an ordinance that would prohibit towing companies from posting false rates on their signs. Observations of 39 private-property tow warning signs found that all contained a different maximum rate than allowed under the city code, according to a report from the City Auditor Department. The majority of signs claimed the towing fee was $500. All but five signs listed tow rates of $100 or more.

Get that? The City Auditor finds that All 39 signs contained false rates, yet the politicians want to consider possibly prohibiting towing companies from posting false rates!


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