Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bush's Finger Of Hostility

BradBlog has posted a link to a Tonight Show clip which seems to show the President flipping off the press corp. White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan refused to comment during today's press briefing, implying that Jay Leno was "misportraying" the finger waving as something it wasn't. But when asked again if the President was waving the "finger of hostility", Mr. McClellan, after admitting he hadn't seen the video, refused to "dignify" the question with an answer.

UPDATE: The White House is now saying it is the President's thumb we see in the video. As much as I'd love to disagree, I took a careful look at the video and it's quite possible that we're seeing the Prez giving a thumb's up. This is particularly noticeable in the couple of frames where he's bringing down his hand, twisting it counter-clockwise. I hope I'm wrong, as it would be much more fun.


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