Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rabbi Jesus Paintings Banned

Gundersen Lutheran Hospital and Viterbo University in LaCrosse, Wisconsin have reportedly refused to display paintings depicting Jesus as a rabbi. The hospital asked artist Clara Maria Goldstein to remove the 10 paintings soon after they were hung. Goldstein said the university had earlier declined to include the paintings in an exhibition. In both cases the problem appears to be that the paintings are considered "controversial", even though Jesus was a rabbi.
"It was insulting at first, but now I'm just sad," Goldstein said. "The Bible says Jesus was a Jew, but no one wants Jesus painted as a Jew."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I regret that the paintings were taken down, but if they hadn't, we wouldn't be reading about it now. In other words, the paintings and the truth about Jesus, just a world wide exposure! Chistians (particularly those who love Israel) from all over the world will be asking for her paintings! I hate it for the hospital, but I'm happy for the artist!

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