Thursday, July 01, 2004

Coersive Kisses Aren't a Crime

Steven Allen Moyer, a computer repairman in Idaho, was aquitted of battery for cornering a female customer in her own home and kissing her twice, asking if "she wanted a boyfriend for 15 minutes". God, I wish I knew the reasoning behind the jury's decision. Questions are spinning through my head:

"If she was married, would it have been legal?"
"If he had groped her breast or crotch, would have been legal?"
"If she has smacked him in the face and broke his nose, would she be guilty of battery?"

I mean, at what point, especially in a business transaction (after all, they weren't on a date), does unwanted sexual contact become battery? From what I gather, this wasn't a continental peck on the cheek or back of the hand. Without knowing all the facts, this seems a very disturbing ruling.


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