Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Buxom Betty Beaver

There are several Betty Beavers truck stops in upstate New York and Vermont, but the one proposed near Schodack, NY is raising some concerns. Not because they are putting gas pumps over the town's aquifer (the Zoning Board of Apeals approved a variance to allow that). No, the problem is the sign:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sign is that of a buxom beaver but is it really that bad? I've seen alot worse...and I don't believe that sign should be of any concern to normal everydat people! These people protesting this sign need to get real jobs or find something else to gripe about!! That sign doesn't have any nudity or profanity...are you gonna throw this much of a fit about Victoria Secrets??? Think about it!!!

7:42 AM  

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