Thursday, August 04, 2005

Honey, About that Murder...

A few days ago, Teddy Claire Akin came home and told his wife he had killed Dennis Legrande Allen, a hitchhiker he had picked up, and buried the body in the woods. When police failed to find the body after a seven hour search, Akin admitted that he made up the murder story in an effort to persuade his wife to leave him.

"He was going through a divorce and had hoped the murder story would make his wife leave him, said Sue Livoti, a sheriff's office spokeswoman."

Akin had apparently found the wallet on top of a newspaper stand. When investigators reached the "victim" Allen in Utah by phone, he said he did not know Akin, who has now been charged with making a false report and petty theft. Akin was being held without bail and is expected to be billed for the cost of the investigation.


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