Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Woman Sues Cops Over Sex Toys

Dorothy Campbell is suing 14 police officers for allegedly playing around with her sex toys during a drug raid on her home in February 2003. Ms. Campbell claims the officers, who ultimately found no drugs and made no arrests, handcuffed her son (along with four friends) and then proceeded to show him the sex toys they found in the mother's dresser, asking if he knew what his mom did with them. The lawsuit then alleges that the cops "modeled" Ms. Campbell's lingerie.

A police sergeant later showed up to apologize about the incident. The apology was video taped by another Campbell son. According to the lawsuit, an officer later claimed that "pornographic images of a 14-year-old girl" were on that video tape (though how he knew or why he waited so long isn't explained) The police again raided the home a week later, seizing the camera and tape.

via Obscure


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