Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Goodbye Byron Nelson

Years ago, in what seems like a different life, I played a lot of golf. I played 3-par as a kid. I was a member of the high school team, and later at the club. I worked at a local golf range. I played every day, sometimes more than once, often sneaking on the course at dawn to play before school, or at twilight to play a few holes before it got too dark to see our (fluorescent orange) balls. I loved the game, and always will.

Byron Nelson died this week at the age of 94. His title of "Lord Byron" was more appropriate than most people can appreciate. The perfection of his swing is legendary.

There have been others who gotten more attention, especially in recent years, but all of them will tell you about the brilliance of Byron Nelson. He will be remembered as a most beautiful golfer, an honor he deserves without question.


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