Sunday, December 02, 2012

Chicken BBQ Sandwich from Not A Burger Stand

A relatively new place, the oddly named Not a Burger Stand has become a favorite of mine. The chicken sandwich is offered grilled with BBQ sauce, or more traditional with lettuce and tomato. I ordered the former. Real good, with a properly cooked (i.e. moist) piece of chicken covered in the (not-subtle) house barbeque sauce. It's served open-face with a modest heap of coleslaw on the top bun. And while yes, the bun is a bit too big, for me it didn't detract from the sandwich and was useful for mopping up the drippings. The sweet potato fries were awesomely fantastic and didn't even need the honey-mustard dip, which was too thin for my taste. Overall it was quite good. About $9 for the sandwich and fries.


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