Sunday, December 09, 2012

King Tacos from El Taco Loco

King Tacos from El Taco Loco, originally uploaded by ~db~.
Driving through North Hollywood, I was hungry for lunch when I saw El Taco Loco, a tiny place in a tiny shopping center with a sign proclaiming its 95 cent tacos. I was sold! It was still before noon and the place was empty, giving me a moment to look at the menu. I was pleased to see the King Taco, a hard-shelled Dorado style taco with creama, a melty Mexican cheese, and a pico de gallo type of salsa. I ordered two with carne asada, and the friendly person behind the counter added a few chips. A small salsa bar provided the condiments.

I love Dorado style tacos and these did not disappoint. Not much to say except it's a simple, well made taco, with flavorful meat and a fried shell which is crunchy and not oily. The creama contrasted well with the meat, and the Mexican cheese was mild, serving as a kind of binder keeping the shell from shattering. Really good tacos, I'll be sure to return. Well under $3 for the two tacos.


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