Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Stephanie Edwards to Skip Rose Parade

After KTLA dissed Stephanie Edwards last year, it seems she has "chosen not to participate" at this year's Rose Parade. Too bad they didn't dump the old man instead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we miss stephanie....we could always count on her on new year's day.....so sad..

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Zoe said...

It's hard to ring in the New Year without the charming energy of Stephanie Edwards! Please bring her BACK!!!!!!!!!!! (but not in the bleachers....parking lot...BUT UP FRONT she belongs, Stephanie, You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please write KTLA expressing your outrage over dissing Stephanie and leaving Bob on. Come on! How dumb are they!

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Evangeline said...

This comment was on another blog.

"I heard the reason Stephanie Edwards isn’t hosting the Rose Parade is because she did a horribly offensive faux-Chinese accent during the last one. She said something about a certain rose resembling a bound foot, then she was all, “I believe it’s called the ching-chong-chang float, which is Chinese for ‘what a great time I’m having in the rain’. Back to you Bob”

Can someone comment if that statement about Stephanie making that faux Chinese statement is true. I don’t remember that, and at first believed it, until I remember the Rosie O’Donnell flap so maybe someone is making fun of that!! (A Laura who has her own blog says she doesn't recall it happening and Stephanie IS more classy than Rosie!)

It's amazing the cattiness that people have for her replacement attacking her weight(I think it’s refreshing that KTLA doesn’t demand an anchor be a size 0, like T.V. and the movies which is probably responsible for the new wave of anorexia, there are probably more woman with Michaela’s body than Stephanie’s) and one person (on Martini Republic blog) saying it was affirmative action. Why is it as a non-white person is sucessful, that some assume it's not based on merit but color? I'm an Asian American and we are the victims not a beneficiary of affirmative action. Because of merit (high test scores and grades) we are in college in a larger percentage than our portion of the population, because of that they are putting quotas on our numbers so some less qualified candidates (could they possibly be white?) be admitted so the colleges can have a more "diverse" population.

Has anybody, anybody! just considered that KTLA just didn’t renew it because they wanted someone younger (as many stations do-see all the news anchors on the major networks retiring!) and that Bob Eubanks who stated that his contract is up for renewal also may be replaced next year for the same reason or maybe Stephanie would like to attend a New Year’s party for a change and not get up at 6 AM!! Also since watching a T.V. show is not a commodity you buy, I don’t think it will really hurt them if you don’t watch them (which based on the quality of their shows, one shouldn’t be watching anyway!)

Yes, I know advertising rates are based viewership, but I think the mass number of people who will still watch the shows because they like them will outnumber the few that are riled about this, so I think it won't affect their rating that much.

Someone had written elsewhere that he was glad she was gone, said that they wrote complaining about a comment Stephanie Edwards and said many other did also. Unless a patently offensive remark was made, maybe like the Chinese comment, a station doesn't retain or fire someone because of mail. It's based on a contract, they can choose to renew or not. This is a freewill society where an employee or employer both can decide whether one can stay or leave. The only society that has lifetime employment is a Communist one (and I hope everyone knows how inept that society is!)

I only came onto these blogs because I wondered what happened to Stephanie Edwards and wanted to find out about that "Chinese" comment, but after this I'm going to stop, I think those who want to head a massive protest against the replacement of Stephanie Edwards should be spending their time and energy protesting a much more major issue, like stopping this idiotic war!!

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring back Stephanie Edwards! What a class act!
She's funny, smart, and articulate. The only time I ever watch a parade. Dump Bob. Did you wonder why channel 5 is losing all it's morning ratings? Maybe it's the Anchors. The same one they use for thr Rose Parade.
The public loves Stephanie, who never lowers herself to run others down.
I stopped watching the Parade.

8:00 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

How sad, no Stephanie this year, it is just not the same withour her!

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where is she it is not the same she and Bob where good together so much info and cheer for the 1st of the year. What is KTLA thinking
WE Miss you Stephanie

10:20 AM  
Blogger Amat said...

It is too bad the familiar voice was silenced for the annual rose parade. We would change the channels to simply hear her cheery voice. We all were just writing to express our disappointment for that, not to take a platform attempting to spread our political views. What a ridiculous notion to to say we are wasting our time to be concerned about Stephanie and that we should be more focused on the war! At last count, her words far out numbered everyone else. Why do some people have to introduce politics at every opportunity? What does affirmative action have to to with all of this? I'm just a dissapointed fan who flipped on the television this morning to find our favorite hostess missing. My being another Asian American has as much to do with this as the price of rice in China.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last year We didn't watch when we saw Stephanie planted in the bleachers with an umbrella. We turned it off after a few moments of discussion. We knew something was up and that public humiliation was happening.
I hope she returns and that they drop the hair plug guy. Maybe someone out there knows the truth of why Stephanie was tossed aside (probably by a no-talent exec trying to show he's as a man)

3:34 PM  

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