Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gumbo Ya Ya

Gumbo Ya Ya, originally uploaded by ~db~.

It was the day after Thanksgiving and I wasn't in the mood for leftovers, so I took the Red Line to the Hollywood and Highland Center and hiked up three flights of stairs to The Gumbo Pot. I've enjoyed their Farmer's Market location and was glad to see they're expanding.

I got a small gumbo ya ya, with cornbread, and a side of greens. It was good, if not great. Definitely filling. The pork was tasty, but the shrimp were overcooked and the andouille was kind of dry. The greens weren't very tender and not to my taste. But the cornbread was good and sopped up all the liquor. I'll be back, though maybe next time it'll be the jambalaya. Gumbo and greens, about $9.


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