Thursday, May 16, 2013

Return To Ricky's

Return To Ricky's, originally uploaded by ~db~.
I've mentioned my delight in finding the new Chego! had moved into Chinatown, but there was another wonderful culinary surprise that day. Ricky's Fish Tacos is a perennial favorite in L.A. I had visited its location in a parking lot on Virgil a few times, but was unaware that it had been shut down, perhaps by a jealous competitor. Blissful in my ignorance, I thankfully didn't have to bear the burden of thinking I'll never taste another of Ricky's creations.

So it was by chance that I discovered that Ricky's has found a new home, at least for now, in the parking lot of LAX-C market near Chinatown. Just a block and a half from the Gold-Line's Chinatown station, it's even easier to get to than the old location.

And yes, the taco. Still delicious. Still cheap. A bit saltier than I remember, but not too much. This time I drenched it with everything: creama, verde, and rojo sauces. Simple and good. Real good. Fish taco, about $3.


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