Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Umami Show Dog

The Umami Show Dog, originally uploaded by ~db~.
On my first return to Umami Burger in Burbank, I decided to do what I didn't do the first time and actually order a hot dog. While Umami didn't reproduce the original Papoo's Hot Dog Show menu, they did choose to create seven special hot dogs exclusive to this new location. I figured I'd go with the compliment to my previous visit's Show Burger and ordered the Show Dog.

The actual franks used by Umami are unlike those I've had elsewhere. I didn't ask, but pretty sure they're custom made for the restaurant. Very dense and meaty, a bit longer and perhaps a little thinner than a regular dog, they fit nicely into the long, thin buns used here. The Show Dog itself has minced bacon, beer cheese, onion strings, and Hak's BBQ sauce. It was a good dog, though a bit salty. I'm not sure mincing the bacon is the best way to go since they end up being chewy little cubes separate from the hot dog itself. I also wouldn't have been opposed to having some fresh vegetable in there to balance against the lipids and give some crunch. Still, it was good and I'd definitely order it again. About $6.


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