Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Beefy T From Chego!

The Beefy T From Chego!, originally uploaded by ~db~.

Last week I headed to Chinatown for the first of its Summer Night festivals. And while there were many food trucks, with long lines, I chose instead to walk down the street to Chego, with its own long line. It ended up taking me about a half-hour before I could order, much longer then I had ever waited when I've visited during the day. But the crowd was young and enthusiastic, so the wait wasn't so bad. Especially knowing what was in store.

First a side note about that. Every time I go to Chego it seems most of the people there are visiting for the first time. Often they are fans of Roy Choi and his famous Kogi truck and want to see what his brick and mortar restaurant had to offer. It's fun hearing the discussion the first-timers have about whether to go for the Chubby Pork Belly or the Sour Cream Hen House.

But also, it's really important to note that Chego is bringing new business into Chinatown. On this night, nearly every other business in the plaza Chego inhabits was closed, including all but just a couple other restaurants there. Yet here I was with more than a dozen people standing in line to eat at Chego, a number which had actually increased by the time I left. I couldn't help but wonder why the nearby shuttered stores and restaurants didn't take advantage of this opportunity. Hopefully they will.

Now, onto the meal. The Beefy T is beef fried rice. Really good fried rice. And I'm sure it's really good drunk food too. There's hot chili, diced prime rib, fried shallots, and a big glop of braised shoyu garlic paste. That's all topped with a fried egg. Perhaps a bit less refined than other dishes I've had, it serves its purpose if your looking for a filling meal with a lot of flavor. Under $10.


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