Monday, May 27, 2013

3pm Meatballs from Chego!

3pm Meatballs from Chego!, originally uploaded by ~db~.
My obsession with Chego! continues. This week it was meatballs. Specifically, the 3pm Meatballs. It's three Korean-fried meatballs, sitting on top of an oh-so-soft fried polenta patty. There are chopped green onions and peppers, fried shallots, sesame, and a fantastic blueberry habanero salsa.

So much flavor in one little bowl! The meatballs were substantial, but not overly dense. I was skeptical about the polenta, but forgot that upon first bite and in the end was wiping the bowl with the last scrap in order to get the final drops of that sweet/hot sauce.

It's a perfect example of what I'm finding might be the top skill of Roy Choi and his team. Balance. The heat of the peppers tingles the entire mouth, but is met by a sweet roundness of the blueberry. And, importantly, neither asserts itself too much. The crunch of the fresh onions contrasts well with that of the fried shallots. All of it compliments the central player, the meatballs. Perfectly sized, they're a very nice appetizer or light meal. About $4.


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