Friday, February 09, 2007

Cancer Society Rejects Strippers' Money

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada has reportedly declined any money raised from this year's annual charity event by Exotic Dancers for Cancer. Last year's event raised $6000. But this year the dancers were told their money is not welcome.
"I really feel that it's a strong indication of the degree of the stigma that exotic dancers experience when an organization doesn't even want to be associated with them for fear of experiencing the same stigma."

According to this article from last year, it's not the first time the event organizers have faced this situation.
"A prominent cancer organization outright declined our offer without an explanation. The hospice that Jocelyne had stayed in said they were willing to accept the donation, and would put a plaque on their wall saying where it came from, but they did not want their name mentioned in any of our promotions or media relations because they are owned by three churches."

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