Monday, February 18, 2013

The Fab Dog

The Fab Dog, originally uploaded by ~db~.
For some unknown reason, it has been years since I last visited Fab Dogs in Reseda. It's been so long in fact that's they've now moved to a new place in the corner of a shopping center not too far from the old place. It's my loss since they have a lot of different dogs I've never tried. This time I went to the top of the list.

Here is their signature offering. The Fab Dog is a charred beef dog topped with their Fab tomato relish, mustard, bacon, and onions, served in a standard bun. It's a good dog. The thinner frank is something I prefer and, while it was charred, it wasn't overcooked.

The garlic fries were also quite good, with enough garlic, but not too much. And somehow they were able to properly cook these thin fries so they had a bite yet remained pillowy soft on the inside. My only quibble overall was that the bread was a bit stale, and I couldn't help but wonder how long those big stacks of plastic-wrapped buns I saw had been sitting there. Still, a lot of flavor and certainly good enough to get me back a lot quicker than last time. Dog and garlic fries, about $8.


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