Monday, December 31, 2012

The SMASHED Go Burger

The SMASHED Go Burger, originally uploaded by ~db~.

I've been pretty lucky in finding good burgers lately, and the string continues with the SMASHED Burger from Go Burger on Sunset and Vine. Not surprisingly, it's a burger which is smashed down on the griddle (this is actually preferred by many aficionados when cooking a burger on a griddle instead of a grill since it maximizes the surface area undergoing the Maillard Reaction). It's topped with American cheese and placed upon a bed of grilled onions inside a Parkerhouse White Bun. Very good.

The patty was cooked properly, with just a hint of pink in the middle. The onions were gilled enough so they only provided a little resistance before giving way with each bite. And while I'm wary of big puffy buns when it comes to burgers, this one was perfectly light and airy, not dense like too many others.

I ordered a side of sweet potato fries which were also properly cooked. Though when I asked about any dipping sauces beyond the ketchup and mustard set at the table, the waiter seemed genuinely surprised before offering a small list. I chose the chipotle mayo, which was short on the former and long on the latter. Next time I'll try the aioli. I also got a Scrimshaw pilsner from North Coast Brewing. Nice, with a clean finish. An excellent burger, fries, and beer for under $20.


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