Sunday, January 06, 2013

Go Burger Kobe Sliders

Go Burger Kobe Sliders, originally uploaded by ~db~.
The Kobe Sliders from Go Burger were good, if not quite the level of last week's burger. By default, you get small versions of their BLT, Maytag Blue, and BBQ burgers. The sliders are perfectly sized, just enough for two or three good sized bites. As with the larger burger, the bun is soft and serves to hold in the juices as you bite.

Even that tall BLT smushed down into a crunchy little packet of flavor and indeed was the best of the three. The Maytag Blue was nice, if a little wet, but as is often the case, the intense flavor of the Maytag threatened to get in the way of the beef. The BBQ slider was pretty simple and suffered from an over-generous dollop of sauce hidden inside the onion ring, which squirted out on first bite and did overpower the flavor of everything else. Far from terrible, it was fine. It just wasn't great.

Also fine if not great were the Duck Fat Fries. I really wanted to love them and expected a lot of flavor. Instead I got a good, but only good, order of fries. Although they appeared nicely done, they were mostly too-soft and, again, lacked a lot of flavor. Not nearly as nice as the sweet potato fries from last time.

That said, an awesome tarragon aioli dipping sauce came with the fries. That is what I should have had last time instead of that goopy chipotle mayo. But I digress.

So again, overall they were good, with one or two real high points. I'm not sure I'll order them again, but I won't turn the plate away if someone sends it my way. Kobe Sliders and Duck Fat Fries, under $18.


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